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Hagia Sofia, located in Istanbul, Turkey, is a monument of both religious and cultural significance in the history of the world. It was originally built as the grandest church in Eastern Christianity, with its impressive dome and detailed Byzantine interior. Today, Hagia Sofia is an example of Turkish and Islamic architecture, having been converted to a mosque in 1453. Visiting the Hagia Sofia will give visitors a chance to witness a piece of history that has survived centuries of change in the surrounding area, and take in its grandeur and beauty.



La Sagrada Familia is one of the most iconic and impressive sites in all of Spain. Designed by Antoni Gaudí, La Sagrada Família is an architectural masterpiece and truly one of a kind. It stands out among the many attractions the city of Barcelona has to offer, and it is a mustsee for any person visiting the city. From its intricately carved facades to its awe-inspiring towers, a visit to this monumental site is an unforgettable experience. La Sagrada Família is a testament to the human capacity for creation and imagination, and it is worth a visit for any traveler.



You can explore the narrow clefts of the ravine, observe intricate rockcut architecture, and get a feel for its unique cultural and spiritual history.Even if you‘re not a history buff, Petra has plenty to offer. It‘s also a great place to take spectacular photos, and the deserts around Petra provide an aweinspiring backdrop for any outdoor adventure. Take an ancient city tour to explore the site‘s remains and understand the culture, or explore the region on a guided cycling or hiking excursion. No matter how you decide to experience Petra, you‘ll come away with a newfound appreciation for this worldfamous site.

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